Welcome to The Blissful Blondie, I'm so happy you found my site. This is where my love of movement, fitness, mindfulness, Ayurveda,  nutrition and self-care (with a bit of travel thrown in for fun) converge. I started my own massage business in 2011, and a wellness blog followed quickly. Over the years, my focus and offerings have grown and evolved massively, just as I have as a teacher and student. 

It's my desire to provide a resource for like-minded people and a way to form connections through our community. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

With gratitude, 




Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga in the comfort of your home, or at a private yoga space. Each session is 60 minutes, and it is tailored to the needs, level and wants of each individual.

Choose from different styles:

 Vinyasa (strengthening and sweaty practice), Restorative (quiet and healing practice), or    Therapeutic (deep stretching session utilizing props)

Please contact me for rates. 

Private Pilates Sessions

Pilates is a strengthening yet extremely therapeutic method, suitable for all levels, and a perfect way to still move when recovering from an injury or surgery. I offer Pilates mat in the comfort of your own home or a private Pilates studio. 

Private Pilates equipment sessions are offered at ALIGN Austin, located on Lake Austin Blvd. and Mopac.



Custom Massage 

60-minutes   $95

75-minutes   $110

90-minutes   $125

Massage Add-On Services

Kinesio Taping $10

Therapeutic Cupping $10

Chris’ energy, enthusiasm, and true passion for what she does are some of the first qualities that stood out to me. I’ve been practicing with her for over three years, both in group and private settings. I love that she continues to further her education, allowing her to create unique and interesting Pilates and Yoga infused classes. Her extensive background in massage therapy has also been incredibly useful to help me understand the source of muscle tightness and restriction that I experience in my body during certain movements; she’s helped me gain more flexibility and move in a safe way for my body. I’ve referred many of my friends to Chris, and often bring them along to her group classes and Duet sessions, which have all been well received and reviewed. I would absolutely recommend Chris to anyone hoping to increase mobility and core strength, while also learning new movements and exercises that will tone your entire body.
— Korin L., Pilates & Yoga Client
I started working with Chris after my second baby and was immediately impressed with her ability to tailor her approach to my individual needs and skill level. Each session was different, which kept the workouts interesting and challenging. Chris is super approachable and kept me laughing through the tough workouts. Her knowledge in massage therapy is also very useful when tailoring workouts for specific injuries. Chris is an excellent trainer/teacher, and I highly recommend her to any Austinites looking to channel their inner athlete or bounce back from an injury!
— Melissa S, Pilates Client
I’m a rugby player that also over-works himself and have found Chris to give me exactly what I need. She has consistently helped me unwrap the tension I have in my upper back, not to mention lessen the lifespan of longer term rugby injuries I’ve developed.
— Elliot B., Massage Client
I have lived in Austin for the past 7 years and have been to at least 15 different massage therapists over that time spam. All were pretty good, but nothing memorable. A friend referred me to Chris, and I seriously received the best massage of my life. Like most people, I sit at a desk all day, staring at my computer. Years of this has caused extreme tension in my shoulders and lower back. I can easily say she was able to relieve the knots in my back after a single session!
I constantly refer people to Chris because it’s actual therapy, not just something that feels good during the duration of the appointment; the results last far after the massage.
— Shay I., Massage Client
Chris is awesome!! I have been practicing Pilates for a few years, and wanted to mix in a little circuit training to help strengthen and build muscle. Her use of the TRX and other functional strength training has greatly improved my core strength, shoulder strength and overall balance. I challenge any man who thinks Pilates is for “girls” to do a workout with Chris and see if you’re not sore all over the next day! Plus her expansive knowledge of Yoga, Massage and human Anatomy will help you pinpoint specific muscle groups that you’d like to specifically strengthen or stretch. Chris rules!
— Howard C., Pilates & Yoga Client
Chris is one of the best massage therapists I’ve seen in Austin. She listens to my needs, and focuses her massage on areas I’ve mentioned are troubling me. She has strong hands and gives me an extremely firm and deep massage, when needed. Her massages are effective at loosening up tight muscles and tendons.
Chris is friendly and you can tell she loves her job; she puts real effort into her massage and isn’t just going through the motions. I see measurable improvements in my running performance after a session with Chris. I recommend her to anyone who wants to stay injury free while training hard.
— Chris K., 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier & Massage Client


Follow Your Bliss

"I believe in following your bliss. The things that shake you and move you beyond the depths of your bones. Bliss offers opportunity. It offers more light. It carves new, knowing roads. But I also bask in the shadow. I dive into the grit. I sit in the discomfort and I let go. I let go. I let go.

You cannot feel the expansiveness of the air if your feet haven't sunk into dirt and ground. Don't dismiss your own darkness. Remember soil is a beautiful thing. The ground is what develops the dream."  - Victoria Erickson