Late Summer Skin Care Tip from Pam Crawford


The calendar says it's Fall, but temperatures in Texas continue to hover around 90 degrees! I asked my good friend and Pilates client, holistic skin care expert Pam Crawford, to share some skin care knowledge with us for these "late Summer" months. 

By this time of year your skin may be congested from using sunscreen over the past several months. Pam recommends a good exfoliant to gently scrub away the surface dead skin and product build up so moisture can penetrate the top layers of your skin. Follow this easy and effective recipe to smooth your skin and prepare for Fall : 

Mix equal parts finely ground sea salt (Himalayan Pink Salt is my fave due to it's high mineral content for nutrition and detoxification) with a high quality oil. Coconut oil is soothing and rich for dry skin, while Grapeseed oil is lightweight and better suited for oil skin types. 

Massage the mixture into your skin for a minute or so, using gentle circular movements. Rinse with warm water and continue to work the oil into your skin until it has absorbed. If you feel a bit oily, simply wash your face with your favorite gentle cleanser. Your skin will feel fresh and full of moisture. 

Stay tuned for a luxurious, skin-hydrating recipe from Pam in November.  In the meantime, learn more about Pam here.